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Energy wherever you need it!


Autarkic Energy delivery for sites without any connection to a stationary power supply system. With this revolutionary, extremely environment-friendly concept, Terracon Energy provides new possibilities – especially for economically weak regions- without interference in the present ecosystem.

There are nearly unlimited applications:
• research stations
• water treatment facilities
• irrigation systems
• archeological expeditions
• cellular phone network stations
• military camps
• meteorological stations

The Terracon Energy Container uses local resources like wind, sun and/or water to produce energy. Worldwide!

That’s development aid the clean way! Securing the minimum subsistence in undeveloped regions (illumination, clean water, refrigeration), and the advancement of trade and business. The Terracon Energy Container is the answer to tomorrows energy questions.

Teracon Energy ContainerThe Terracon Energy Container comprises unique technology components: a cutting-edge, battery-buffered wind-solar-diesel-(hydropower-) system. It is the worlds first autarkic energy system that combines four energy sources and is optimized for mobile use.

Efficiently balanced modules allow a low-maintenance, failure resistant operation at any location. Therefore, and because of the systems high efficiency, our Energy Container pays for itself in a short period. The Terracon Energy Container guarantees a peak output of 10 kW and an average output of 5 kW.

100 percent renewable usage delivers 5.000 to 15.000 kWh per year - depending on the on-site conditions. In combination with the diesel, up to 37.000 kWh per year are possible.

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